Commission and freelance status: LIMITED


Personal projects:

~ Aether Eaters [Passive Preproduction]

~ Flesh & Bone [Hiatus]


Professional  Projects:

~ Don't Look Down [Active Production]

21 May


Just when I thought it couldn't get any more exciting that having a stable job with too many side-projects, I got hired on as a full-time designer at Catapult Games.  This really helped put things in perspective for where I currently am and what I truly want to do with myself.  It helped me discover what I want to tell through my art and how I will do it.  Most importantly, it helped me focus my attention to achievable goals.


The main project I will be working on for 40 hours/week is Don't Look Down, a VR climbing gauntlet.  I have a lot of faith in the team and the project itself.  In my off time, my only side-project is the fantasy noir Aether Eaters. 

Hopefully with these changes, this website's updates will have more than just surface level polish.  Looking forward to adding content in the near future.


06 Mar


It’s been a long few months with a lot of changes in my personal and professional life.  So that means another website overhaul to reflect my growth as an artist.  For example I got a new apartment and my first freelance gig which opened many new doors.


I encourage you to make a commission request and I’ll name a price.  I do portraits, illustration, graphic/print design, motion graphics, and media consultation.  More art will be posted in the following weeks to more accurately reflect my current style.




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