28 Oct

Yo it's been a hot minute, hasn't it. So obviously the website has been overhauled as I've been eluding to for the past couple years. It's been quite a journey to get to this point.

What's that? It looks almost exactly the same? Well that's where you're wrong kiddo:

  • Total conversion- There is not a single line of code for this site that I have not personally written. Reconstructing the site from scratch has been quite a time consuming task but it was worth it. Adobe Muse is a thing of the past and I will never return to it again.
  • Reactive design- The website is now usable on mobile devices

Jacob you handsome genius, you must be thinking, is your journey complete? You have a website with art on it! Surely you must be finished!

Pfft. I wish. Despite the site being live, there are still some problems–surprising, I know. I will fix them as they come up.

What about the art stuff? Are you still doing that? It's been years, my dude…

I'm working on a tabletop role playing game with my close friend, Mike. I will post updates as it progresses. Part of that process will be illustrations and creative writing. I am eager to post those as well.

I hope that was a sufficient update for what's going on! See ya next time.