J. H. Freedman was born in Albany and raised in the outskirts of Troy.  As a child, he was interested in the comedic graphic art found in newspaper strips and MAD magazine, but his style was fully realized upon an independent study of alternative comix(sic) and manga in college- specifically through the works of Peter Kuper, Art Spiegelman, Junji Ito, and a handful of others.  He studied at SUNY Alfred in western New York, where he trained in a wide variety of mediums.


Even though he tries to avoid inserting specific agendas into his works, he makes it a point to make every artistic decision as deliberate as possible.  His cross-hatching and halftone dots, in particular, are his most distinct features used to complement each other through contrasting qualities- movement to static, loose to uniform, etc.  But even without these symbolic choices in mind, the style can still be appreciated through the atmospheric grit alone.  This critical yet accessible approach to his art encourages a wide variety of interpretations.