J. H. Freedman was born in Albany and raised in the outskirts of Troy. Since he was a child, he was fascinated with both surreal humor and the macabre. This is expressed in his art. As he got older, he also developed a fascination with deconstruction and exploration of genres and tropes. To fully realize his talents, he studied at SUNY Alfred in western New York, where he trained in a wide variety of mediums. The strength of his art lies in his deliberate choices and implicit symbolism. His deliberation is in everything: from the figures, to the marks, to the medium. His cross-hatching & halftone dots in particular are specific tools he uses to complement each other through contrasting qualities- movement against stillness, improvisation against utilitarianism. This kind of implicit symbolism is also used in his subject matter which encourages a wide variety of interpretations among his audience.