J. H. Freedman has always been fascinated with both surreal humor and the macabre.  As he got older, this mutated into an obsession with the deconstruction and exploration of genres and tropes.  To express his love of the nontraditional, he took up drawing and writing at a young age- frequently combining the two into comics and animation.  He fully realized his talents through SUNY Alfred in western New York, where he explored a wide variety of disciplines and mediums.


By the time he graduated, he discovered an identity of combining analogue aesthetic with digital techniques which can be seen in “Another Man’s Treasure” for animation and “pages” for illustration.  Lately he’s been experimenting with limited pallets: particularly monotone and duotone.  Through reconstructing traditional style in the digital age, he hopes to capture beauty we take for granted in both the gallery and the screen through his distinct atmosphere of deliberate imperfection.