12 Dec


Thank you all for continuing to follow me through the beginning stages of my art career.  So far it has a wild ride.


My year opened with a brand overhaul to move toward a cleaner, professional aesthetic.  It's an improvement that I'm very happy with!  In my pursuit of perfecting multimedia development, I hope to push the design even further by Spring of 2019.  The goal is to stop using Adobe Muse and rebuild the site by hand.  With that update, I will include a new section for interactive media.


In the late Spring of this year I began work as a Game/Level Designer for Catapult Games' debut project: Don't Look Down, a VR climbing game.  I enjoyed my time with Chris, Dane, and Kolel; and hope that we can work together again in the future.  Although my contract was only six months long, my time as a part of their team was a catalyst for the progression of my artist identity in the interactive medium.


Towards the end of my time with the project, I decided fully dedicate my art to interactive design & multimedia development by learning Computer Science under the mentorship of George Gough, whom I have the utmost respect for.  While I'm still in the beginning/intermediate stages, Gough is helping me approach my education with deliberation to ensure strong fundamentals & theory instead of  the bootcamp approach that many others choose.


I look forward to see where this new path brings me.  Keep in touch.


19 Sept


 In August I had the privilege of working with Andrew Ahn on his upcoming movie "Driveways" staring Hong Chau, Brian Dennehy, and Lucas Jaye.  On the first day of shooting, I was assigned to be Lucas' production assistant.  Thanks to my background in animation, comics, and movies, the two of us quickly developed a bond for the five weeks of shooting.  Part of this was thanks to me introducing him to one of my favorite manga, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.  We became so tight that the crew often mixed our names up, even over walkie.  He and his parents were a delight to be around and I almost wish there were more storm delays so we could've hung out more.  Almost.


It was just overall a beautiful production.  There wasn't a single ego in the entire crew.  I walked away with a bunch of friends that I still talk to, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.


21 May



The main project I will be working on for 40 hours/week is "Don't Look Down," a VR climbing gauntlet.  I have a lot of faith in the team and the project itself.  In my off time, my only side-project is the fantasy noir Aether Eaters. 

Hopefully with these changes, this website's updates will have more than just surface level polish.  Looking forward to adding content in the near future.


06 Mar


It’s been a long few months with a lot of changes in my personal and professional life.  So that means another website overhaul to reflect my growth as an artist.  For example I got a new apartment and my first freelance gig which opened many new doors.


I encourage you to make a commission request and I’ll name a price.  I do portraits, illustration, graphic/print design, motion graphics, and media consultation.  More art will be posted in the following weeks to more accurately reflect my current style.




~ more specific project statuses: passive & active



~ updated artist statement at the “About” page

~ updated logo

~ updated color schemes