30 Sept


The website has finally undergone it's overhaul.  So here's a list of what's changed:


~ New serif font for better readability

~ New logo and menu to reflect my current style

~ Better page layout for browsing art

~ Now utilizing sub-pages

~ More art!


03 Sept


Oh look and update for my semi-abandoned website!  What a shocker!  Thankfully so many people read this section so often.  I'm sure you're overjoyed to see thoughts and opinions of an artist that makes no content.


Cynicism aside, I got my first batch of clients.  The jobs include logo reworking, 1st assistant camera, and even some motion graphics.  This is looking very promising and I hope to show you what I've been working on sooner than later!


For my personal projects, I'm in second drafts for both of them.  Aether Eaters has finished it's first draft of outlining despite being on the back burner.  My Bar Mitzva [title in progress] has also finished it's first draft of storyboarding and will be undergoing a second draft for added dynamics and atmosphere.


Other news includes progress on the website.  I am undergoing asset creation.  The goal is to make them more elegant while maintaining the hand drawn aesthetic.  The rebranding will be more deliberate this time around will hopefully be a positive change for the future.


14 Jun


Hello again!  Some cool things happening.  Firstly, and most exciting, is that "pages" is being featured at Psychedelicatessen in Troy, NY for the next few months!  I encourage anyone to stop by and check it out.


Each limited edition print is being sold for $80.  When the first of each limited edition print is bought, a colored version using Ben-Day dots will replace it.  Over time, the wall will get more colorful as the popular works will be more organically featured.


Please stop by and be part of the experience!


09 May


Thank you for having the genius intuition to once again click on the update tab.  Not a lot has been happening but some great things have been started:


Lately I’ve been frequenting several upstate NY artist groups including Upstate Independent Film Network (UIFN) and the Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy (ACE).  From there I met many great people and I can’t wait to go to more meetings in the future!


Other than that, I’ve been working on a new animation project.  Not much can be discussed at the moment, but what I can tell you is that it will be in the style of my illustrations from the “pages” collection.  I’m very excited.


Also, I have also added a link to my ArtPal site for those interested in supporting me by purchasing my art!


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little update.  Have a nice day! :)


19 Apr


I have officially debuted in both digital and physical space!


Throughout the month of April my illustration collection, "pages", is featured at Hedonist Ice Cream in Rochester, NY.  First editions of each of the sixteen illustration are up for sale at the price of $80 each.  This is a limited print on premium Giclée UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper at 11x14".  If you can't make it to his event, don't worry; there will be more.


Also this month my animation, "Another Man's Treasure", made the Front Page of Newgrounds a day after reaching the Daily 2nd.  This is the first thing I posted on the website so I can only expect more great news to come.


10 Jan


The overhaul has been taking a while, and for that I apologize.  But this is because I’m starting completely from scratch by moving off of Adobe Muse, a program that produces spaghetti code that is unsalvageable.  Instead, I'm taking my time to properly write out the HTML & CSS for cleaner script editing and more control.  Design-wise, a lot is remaining the same, such as the layout, but the assets and organization will be more inclusive to a larger variety of my works and more responsive different screen sizes.


Other than that, I've been shipping my works around to galleries and am in the process of drafting a handful of smaller project ideas.  I'll update which one I'm going to commit to in the coming months.


Thank you for your patience.